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Rainy Sunday Morning

rain 10 °C

Rainy Sunday morning here and it's lovely to be sitting in bed listening to the street sounds below and the drizzle of soft rain.

It was lovely here yesterday - sunny and warm - and Parisians were out in force enjoying the lovely weather and drinking in the sun. The change of weather has made us reassess our plans and we will look to head to Versailles later in the week when it's not quite so wet. Today - maybe the Louvre...

The travelling was fine. Qatar Airlines are good. Excellent in flight entertainment (>200 movies) and good food. Had low level turbulence between Melbourne and Doha which meant that we didn't sleep as much as hoped... Doha Aiport is interesting... almost purely designed for tranfers... they are investing in a new terminal and really pitching for the european flights tranferring through... massive numbers of people in the transfer terminal - all the terminals are colour coded with your ticket... So yellow for transfers, blue for final destination, purple for business/first class tranfers... In the end, I think we left Melbourne a little late, so our transfer time was only about 90 minutes... time for a quick shower and a wander through duty free where I found Lego: Pharoh's Quest which was set in the desert... kind of a Mummy Return's kind of thing.

On arrival into Paris - I'm always surprised by the lack of customs. Had our passport checked as we exited the plane... then stamped through "customs" - but there was no declarals or screening of luggage... just walked straight out. Found the Roissybus which took us from the airport straight to the Opera District (where we are staying)... and after a couple of wrong turns (apparently I'm bad at map to ground orientation), we found the apartment. The four flights of stairs are going to keep us fit if nothing else.

Braved the supermarket to get a few basics.... breakfast and cheese... 1.50 euro for a big wheel of camabert... different to supermarkets at home... more like a series of mini-shops within the same space... so the bathroomeries has a separate checkout than the food section... a little confusing, but we got there.

Went out for a drink and dinner (different places) where we both had incidents displaying our tiredness... In the bar, I knocked over my half full wine glass and it broke as I tried to catch it... rendering much concern from staff and next table as to whether I had cut my hand or not (I didn't)... and then over dinner, Steve topped up my wine glass with water.... Chablis and water mixed isn't an ideal combination... Food was tasty though.

Steve has been out wandering looking for croissants and couldn't find a bakery... found a couple of open cafes though.... so we will go out...

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overcast 16 °C

First blog... Sunday... and the last weekend before our trip.

Lots to do, but still avoiding packing... although I've bought books for my kindle and started this - our travel blog.

Why is it that packing is such a painful process... clothes aren't really the challenge... shoes are the challenge... how to keep it to only 3 pairs?? I can already tell I'm going to end up with about 6....

OK - I really should get started...

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